Manifold A

Manifold A

Desking systems to fit a variety of workplaces.
Simple – Conception – Dynamic

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Culture and character is distinctively unique in each business industry, organization, and field.

Manifold has a solution to almost any type of needs and challenges you face in everyday working environment. Manifold was created to make each of these unique distinctions shine through endless possibilities.


A basic structure for deployment in diverse applications.

Manifold's basic structure is simple: options are attached to legs of various heights and widths according to working style.

A structure designed for you to install the options easily.

With multi-function type legs, working style determines the choice of options. Options installable on a center rail are also available.

Single Bench

A combination of double and single bench gives you flexibility for any office layout while keeping the same features and benefits.

Double Bench

Manifold Bench offers work efficiency in either fixed seating or non-assigned work styles.

Meeting Table

Table height changes your experience and productivity during a meeting. Standard & standing height options are available.

Manager Desk

Desktop shape allows easy communication between all seniority of staff.



Standard vertical type and light diagonal type are available.


High capacity cable routing with covers offer plenty of space for cable management even in dense cable situations. Horizontal routing and cable boxes beneath work surfaces provide discreet and efficient cable distribution from floor to desk top.


Desktop panels allow space division and can help concentration by blocking eye sight distractions and provide limited sound absorption. Spot Panel, Desk top Panel, and Side Panel are available.


Under-desk options include modesty panels, CPU holders, additional cable management risers, and bag holders.

Color Variations

Four options of laminate for the desktop and seven paint finishes for legs are available to match your office interior design and environment.



Single Bench

Double Bench

Meeting Table

Manager Desk

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