Adaptive desk systems for the ever – changing office.



The traditional fixed location work style in which each worker has their own desk has been replaced by a new style of working where workers are free to change locations depending on the nature of the task they are working on.

As the name suggests, Workflex is a desk system that brings flexibility to the way you work.

Simple Design

Designed with versatility in mind

Bench tables can be used as touchdown spaces for solo workers or as a base for group work. The Workflex lineup also includes executive desks and 120-degree L shape configurations meaning that the whole office can be coordinated with aesthetic cohesion. Two height options are available to accommodate different meeting styles. A standing-height table for brief meetings and a standard-height table for more in-depth ones. The optional monitor stand makes sharing materials a breeze.


A simple structure means a more environmentally friendly product.

Workflex’s simple structure means that the product uses 50% fewer screws of our standard products and has a significantly shorter installation time and a smaller package size.


A classic, re-imagined. At Okamura, we strive to reduce our environmental impact by creating products that can be used for many years to come to ensure we maximize the potential of the materials. Workflex is designed for easy disassembly and recycling and by utilizing Okamura’s superior sheet metal technology we made it possible to make legs, desktops, panels, and optional parts in steel, which is well recognized for its recyclability.


Wiring Cover

The soft-closing wiring cover is both safe and sleek. Wiring channels under the covers provide ample space for high-capacity wiring storage, and power outlets can also be mounted.

Monitor Stand

The monitor stand option makes it easy to share ideas with your team. It can be attached to a meeting table or bench desk.

Modesty Panel

An optional modesty panel helps to hide cable management solutions and maintain a sleek look.

Cable Management

There are two options for cable management: an intermediate leg type to accommodate wiring from the floor or a simple cable guard to protect power and data cables.


Accessories such as a pen tray, key hook, and a bag hanger are also available to store your personal belongings.

Desktop Panel

Desktop panels provide personal boundaries to secure the privacy you need for any confidential work or simply aid focus. They can be set in the center of the desk, at either end, or in the middle of the work space. An acrylic panel can also be added to the desktop panels.



Straight Leg

Slant Leg

Closed Leg


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