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Height adjustable table designed for better health,
but also for greater productivity and creativity at work.


Risefit III

Risefit is a versatile supplementary work table.

Risefit III


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Expertise in Office Interior Design

With our expertise in office interior design, Okamura offers height adjustable tables that seamlessly integrate with your workspace, providing optimal comfort and promoting a productive environment.

Tailored Solutions for Office Design in Thailand

Okamura understands the unique needs of office design in Thailand. Our height-adjustable tables offer tailored solutions, enabling you to create a workspace that meets your specific requirements and enhances productivity.

Maximizing Productivity and Employee Well-being

Height adjustable tables are designed to maximize productivity and prioritize employee well-being. With customizable height settings, ergonomic features, and seamless transitions, Okamura tables adapt to individual work styles and promote a healthier work experience.

Functional and Aesthetic Design Elements

Height adjustable tables combine functional excellence with aesthetic appeal. From sleek and modern designs to versatile and durable materials, our tables elevate the look and feel of your workspace while offering versatile functionality.

Seamless Project Execution and Customer Satisfaction

At Okamura, we ensure seamless project execution, from selection to installation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees top-quality height-adjustable tables that exceed your expectations.