OREE signifies a point that infuses simplicity and strength while drawing inspiration from Japanese origami.

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Add creative origami touches to your OREE inspired workspace. Conduct lengthy meetings or a quick assembly of ideas with stylish comfort and stability. Total OREE customization for a flowing and creative environment.

A multi-disciplinary design consultancy, passionate about producing creative and unique solutions in architecture, interiors, industrial design, graphics, and communication. Orbit began over two decades ago as an interior design studio in Bangkok and has now become an international consultancy with a reputation for innovative and contemporary design.


Origami Design

With origins in Japan, origami art combines defined shapes and edges, to bring forth artistic structures. Fusing Okamura’s skilled sheet metal technology with folds of thin sheet metal creates a beautiful and strong foundation.

Wide Applications

Suitable as a base for your inspirations, OREE is crafted with a unique range of configurations to choose from

Selection of Specifications

Your work environment deserves a personal touch. OREE comes in a wide array of high-quality materials and colors to complement your own unique space.


Be versatile with OREE. With a wide variety of color options, bespoke your OREE bench for your unique style.

Meeting Table

OREE designs lead to fun meeting. Make any coffee meeting or group huddle, fun, and collaborative space.

Manager Desk

OREE design are fun and edgy, but why stop there. You can bring a creative atmosphere into a manager's room with the right finish and colors to create a whole new ambiance. Customizable walnut veneer top compliments your executive decision. Stability is further enhanced with a black powder-coated steel leg design.




Meeting table

Manager desk

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