Alt Piazza

Alt Piazza

The Alt Piazza collection creates cafe-style work environments.
So you can get a break from your office, in your office.

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The Alt Piazza collection is perfect for creating a range of alternative, relaxed workspaces, from cafe-style areas to open meeting spaces and more.

Today's office is more than a place of work. The office must meet the diverse needs of its employees, so they can do their best work. Alternative zones let everyone choose where and how they want to work. Switching between their private desks and high-energy shared spaces.


Standing Height Table and 4-Leg Stool

Sit, Stand, Work alone, or Collaborate. Approachable furniture enables connections, and connections bring new ideas. Outlets under the tabletop keep cords neat and give you the power you need to focus.

Round Table

A central, round table naturally encourages engagement in meetings and casual conversation. Available in a range of heights and sizes: coffee, meeting, or work table.

Tiered Bench

An open semicircle configuration accommodates flexible group sizes with two tiers of seating. The casual, round setting dismantles office hierarchies and encourages ideas from all around.

Swivel Stool

Comfortable curves distribute pressure evenly throughout your upper legs with extra support from the wide footrest. The stools swivel for natural conversation to flow.



4-leg stool

Swivel stool

Tiered bench

Standing height table (1000H)

Round table

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