Alt Living

Alt Living

Module Sofa.

indoor air quality


Work comfortably whenever you do in your office. This is a major factor capable of influencing.

the outcome of generating new business ideas and proceeding with a project through concentration and interaction. Bring you the comfort of your living room to create a space for having fun at work.



A booth where you can concentrate on your own will improve your work efficiency.


Place to relax and interact as you please. You can combine modular sofas as you like to keep the conversation going. Open environment can enhance communication across generations.

Café Lounge

Place suitable for both work and rest. Modular sofas across the table are surrounded with panels to create a comfortable, moderate space.


Concentrate on PC work while relaxing on the sofa.

You can use the tablet in a position that suits your work style. (Tablet movable angle 270 degrees)

Bench style for easy browsing.

Baggage is smartly placed next to the seat instead of on the floor.

A mini tablet that can be used casually.

Low wall with top plate for easy writing at desk height.

Smart use under the sofa.

Connecting sofas. (option)




indoor air quality

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