SOLISTE is a new concept in desks.

reddot award 2020 good design good design level 2 Indoor air quality


SOLISTE is a new concept in desks developed for the office of the future. Its simple design, with narrow top and elegant, slim legs, makes it beautiful when used alone, but it can also be used in pairs without feeling overwhelming, creating an open and sophisticated working space.


Simple Design that Cuts Waste

With a thin 15mm-thick top plate and thin frame legs, the simple design of an office desk has never been realized. There is no feeling of pressure and it matches any space.

Design with a Sense of Unity with Wood Grain

By constructing the sides of the desk with thin and simple panels, we have achieved a lightness while maintaining a classic shape. The top plate and sides are connected with wood grain to create a space with a sense of unity.

Work Style

Control your line of sight according to your work style , whether it's teamwork or solo work

Team Layout

By placing the trapezoidal desks in the center, you can create an environment where everyone's lines of sight intersect and communication is easy. The exchange of information within the team will also become active, fostering creative sensibilities.

Personal Layout

If you turn the trapezoidal desk outward, the line of sight between the people facing you will shift, creating a layout that makes it easier to concentrate on individual work. In addition to improving work efficiency, we will create an environment where you can maintain a good sense of distance with team members.



Flexible combination


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