Creating a More Agile Team

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Creating new ideas with lively communication and realizing maximum output as speedily as possible by enlivening spaces needed for the central offices of the future. Creating rather than choosing your workplace to suit your workstyle.

Don't just choose a space that matches your working style - create it. In conventional offices, workers all use the same meeting rooms. But "workstyle reforms" and working from home policies have significantly transformed the way we work. As workers ‘values become more diverse, what should the office of the future look like? Okamura believes that workers creating ideas in person through teamwork will define the next era of office work.



Until now, the only way to hold meetings in the office was to use a designated conference room. However, with the promotion of work style reform and the spread of telework, the times have changed dramatically. As the values ​​of working people become more diverse, what should the office look like in the future? Okamura thought that "team work", in which people face each other face-to-face and create something, would be the new identity of the office. SPRINT makes the team more active and achieves the best teamwork.

Teamwork Realized with SPRINT

There are many types of team work. By being able to quickly arrange the optimal setup for each task, the team's output will be faster and of higher quality. Evolve and strengthen each person's ideas by hitting each other (Plan), actually embody the ideas (Develop), and try them out together (Test) to gain new awareness. By creating an environment in which the cycle can be realized instantly without interruption, the strongest team will be born to achieve the best output in the fastest possible time.


With casters, it can be easily moved, so it can be changed to the optimum layout according to the work content and the number of participants.


As soon as you have an idea, you can write it on the whiteboard and share it. Unexpectedly, analog is often faster.


By keeping the contents of the previous meeting, the next meeting can proceed smoothly. Visualize the discussion process and prevent misunderstandings.


White board

White board (both sides) Fence board Felt screen Acrylic board (transparent)

Board hook

Pen stand

Stacking tray (large)

Stacking tray (small)

Magazine stand

Magnet board

Non-woven pocket

Hanging hook

Tool box

Resin hook for fence

Wire basket

Shelf board



Board Stand

Hanger Stand

Monitor Stand

Team Wagon

Tool Wagon

Stock Wagon

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