Muffle’s gentle curves encourage relaxation, comfort, and productivity.

If design award 2015 Good design Jida design museum level 2 Indoor air quality


With such diverse personalities and workstyle preferences in the office, we believe work environments need to be adaptable. Muffle creates spaces within open offices that promote varying levels of concentration and collaboration. Some work is facilitated by isolated space for individual concentration.

Other work is better suited for a more open, collaborative setting. Muffle enhances both individual and group work by providing a discrete space with visual boundaries and acoustic management, supplemented with integrated tech support. By reducing excess sensory stimulation, Muffle mitigates distractions and curbs stress, while the cushioned surface and soft fabric create a warm, yet relaxed focus. Streamlined to softly envelop, Muffle's gentle curves encourage relaxation, comfort and productivity. The multitude of color and layout options allows for diverse spaces that meet the needs of a variety of workers.


Light Weight

Paper Honeycomb structure makes the entire body light weighted.

Soft Image

Soft appearance and comforting feeling. The touch directly communicates a sense of comfort. Without even thinking, you know that it brings you peace and relaxation. Muffle surface material, its soft outline with light grooves creates a comforting feeling.

Flexible Design

Considering the eye level, muffle has created three kinds of heights. With muffle panels, your concentration space is customizable in a straight, right-angled, T-shaped, and crossroad-shaped layout.

Privacy Control

Sound distractions. Muffle's sound absorption is 2.5 times higher than Low Partition at 500 Hz

Organically Coordinated Color Pallets

Coloring is inspired by nature motifs. Users can control the level of concentration with the combined colors outside and inside the muffle panel. Inside for easier focus, Outside for easier get-together


In-line change of height connection set

Straight connection set

Add-on acrylic screen


Whiteboard mounting brackets

Pinup board

Free-standing legs


Add-on acrylic screen: Side



Individual Booth Unit

Box Meeting Unit

Sofa Unit


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