Office Chairs: Choosing the Right Fit For You

December 15, 2023

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Office Chairs: Choosing the Right Fit For You


When setting up your office, one of the most commonly asked questions are “What is the best brand of office chair?” or “Which chair for office work should I get?” These questions come from the fact that office chairs are an important piece of furniture in any workspace. With that in mind, another question emerges: how do you choose a reputable brand of office chairs? What factors should you consider? Siam Okamura is here to guide you in finding the answer and recommend seven popular working chair models from our selection. We’ll provide detailed information on features, advantages, and pricing.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Office Chair Brand?

Office chairs, or work chairs, are one of the most important pieces of office furniture that business owners must choose carefully. Office chairs are one of the most used furniture by employees, and an office chair that isn’t ergonomically designed or has defects in manufacturing may cause discomfort and may even need to be replaced.

Office Chairs: What to Consider When Buying One

People come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing an office chair, it is important to find one that can accommodate everyone and allow them to sit in a healthy posture. The best office chairs have a variety of adjustable features, including

  • Adjustable height, tilt, and backrest position
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable armrests
  • A curved backrest with head and lumbar support
  • Casters for easy mobility

Siam Okamura: Elegant Simplicity, Quality Japanese Manufacturing

When it comes to the best office chair brands, Siam Okamura is a trusted brand that many are familiar with. Built under the maxim that “the best is always worth it”, the Okamura marque has produced furniture for offices, hospitals, and schools.

Each of Siam Okamura’s office chairs is designed with care and attention to detail, reflecting the Japanese tradition of quality craftsmanship. They are also packed with the latest in ergonomic technology to create the best possible work environment. With these factors in mind, it is clear that Siam Okamura is one of the best office chair brands on the market.

Which Office Chair Brand is the Best? Here Are 7 Popular Office Chairs from Siam Okamura

For those who are still wondering what brand and model of office chair to buy to meet the needs of employees, we will be covering 7 of the most popular models of office chair offered by Siam Okamura. Read on and see why these models made it to our list.

Contessa II Office Chair - okamura

1.Contessa II Office Chair

Are you looking for an office chair that carries a dignified elegance along with comfort? Consider the Contessa II, Siam Okamura’s best-seller in our lineup of office chairs. With a unique structure and flowing lines, the Contessa II uses high-quality materials and manufacturing technology from Japan, has a high standard of durability, and comes with a comprehensive and comfortable range of functions. With over 600,000 units sold globally, it’s not an understatement that the Contessa II is manufacturing excellence.

The Contessa II office chair is priced at around 34,000 baht. If you are interested, you can order directly from Siam Okamura through any of their contact channels.

Finora Office Chair - okamura

2.Finora Office Chair

The Finora office chair was inspired by the automotive industry’s design standards. This office chair has a distinctive sleek, agile, and lightweight feel. Finora was a result of collaboration with the world-renowned Italian design company Giugiaro Design. With a focus on ergonomics, it can be used in any setting. The Finora comes with a complete range of features, such as adjustable seat height and depth, and ankle tilt mechanism or reclining by sending weight from the ankle, making movement natural. You are sure to have the most comfortable sitting experience.

The Finora office chair will cost around 32,000 baht. If you are interested, you can order directly from Siam Okamura through any contact channel.

Choral Office Chair - okamura

3.Choral Office Chair

The Choral office chair is a minimalist, classic design that follows simplicity and functionality. It reflects the concept of a chair that is perfectly tuned to fit the body and can be used in an office setting. Some of the key features include the Ankle-Tilt mechanism, which is both ergonomic and user-friendly, the Quick Slide mechanism, which allows you to easily adjust the backrest tilt with a lever under the seat, and the Multi-Density seat cushion, which distributes weight evenly to reduce pressure and improve blood circulation. For a healthy and comfortable sitting experience, the Choral is another high-quality office chair that every business owner should consider for their office.

The Choral office chair is priced at approximately 30,500 baht. If you are interested, you can order directly from Siam Okamura through any of their contact channels.

Sabrina Office Chair - okamura

4.Sabrina Office Chair

The Sabrina office chair is designed with Okamura’s philosophy of elegance and comfort. It is one of the most popular office chairs with features specifically designed to help you work comfortably for a long time. The backrest is made of mesh fabric with high flexibility and comes with a reclining system with a lockable tilt function. This must-have office chair’s 3D armrests and Multi-Density seat help distribute weight evenly, reduce pressure, and improve blood circulation, which is further accented by an adjustable seat depth.

The Sabrina office chair comes in two models: the Standard and the Intelligent. The prices are approximately 23,500 and 35,000 baht, respectively. If you are interested, you can order directly from Siam Okamura through any of their contact channels.

Sylphy Office Chair - okamura

5.Sylphy Office Chair

If you are looking for an office chair that fits all body types, the Sylphy office chair is suitable just for you. The backrest is notably superb when supporting the curvature of your back. An adjustable width helps you configure the chair to suit your body type to support your spine perfectly. It is also equipped with a slightly flexible Hovering Frame that allows you to stretch and move comfortably while sitting. Most importantly, it has a special Forward-Tilt function that lets you write without having to lean forward. Not only does this keep your posture straighter, but it also keeps you from having to face office syndrome.

The Sylphy office chair costs approximately 17,000 baht. If you are interested, you can order it directly from Siam Okamura through any of their contact channels.

Portone Office Chair - okamura

6.Portone Office Chair

Keeping the spirit of comfort and flexibility, the Portone is another office chair you shouldn’t miss out on. This office chair has a distinctive flexible frame that allows the backrest to flex with body movements. The curve helps the user to move naturally from one position to another and has a lumbar support that hugs the body. This ensures that you can sit for long periods of time without having to experience back pain.

The Portone office chair costs around 9,100 baht. If you are interested, you can order it directly from Siam Okamura through any of their contact channels.

Rin Office Chair - okamura

7.Rin Office Chair

The Rin is an office chair that follows the concepts of elegance in simplicity. A classic shape ensures that it can fit in just about any office, while an ergonomically focused design ensures that users are comfy for hours at a time. This makes it comfortable to sit in helps users sit properly and prevents office syndrome in the long term. Not only is the Rin functional, but it is also suitable for offices of any kind.

The RIN office chair is priced at around 6,450 baht. If you are interested, you can order directly from Siam Okamura through any contact channel.


For those who want a trusted brand of office chair, the seven popular work chair models from Siam Okamura introduced in this article may be what you’re looking for. Each of these office chairs was designed with comfort, ergonomics, and durability in mind, ensuring comfort during work hours. If you’re interested in any work chair model, feel free to contact Siam Okamura through any of our social media channels. We’re always happy to assist you in finding the perfect office chair that suits your office’s needs.

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