Siam Okamura: Your Partner in Creating Thriving Working Spaces

December 15, 2023

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Siam Okamura: Your Partner in Creating Thriving Working Spaces


Established in Thailand in 1996, Siam Okamura International Co., Ltd. is a leading distributor of office, commercial, and high-quality furniture imported from Japan. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional products; we offer comprehensive interior design services for offices and working spaces, transforming your vision into a tangible reality. By prioritizing the well-being of your organization, we help companies build premium working spaces that inspire success and feel like a home away from home.

Siam Okamura: Your Partner in Transforming Working Spaces

Siam Okamura is a leading office furniture brand from Japan with a comprehensive range of services. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we recognize the profound impact that harmony between people, architecture, and furniture has on productivity in working spaces. Our bespoke services encompass the following key areas:

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Plush Office Chairs from a Leading Japanese Brand

Since our humble beginnings in 1945, Okamura has emerged as a leading office furniture brand in Japan, committed to following ergonomic principles and using the very best technologies available. Using the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, each Okamura office chair has been carefully designed to provide exceptional comfort and support in your working spaces. The result is a seating experience that rivals the coziness of working from home, while also keeping you comfy for the rest of the day.

Top-of-the-Line Office Desks From Japan

Siam Okamura’s designs are tailored to seamlessly integrate with diverse office working spaces. These large, rectangular tables remain a popular choice for traditional office settings and follow a minimalist aesthetic suitable for any working space. For those who want to give their working spaces a personalized touch of creativity and individuality, Okamura offers a range of customizable desks that complement various décor styles and corporate identities.

High-Quality Shelves

Adapting to constantly evolving consumer behavior is crucial for success. Okamura is your trusted partner in transforming your office working spaces with high-quality shelves built from robust and durable materials. These shelving solutions are suitable for all kinds of purposes, be it displays for retail products or industrial storage. Our multipurpose shelves can even be used as pallet racks to optimize your warehouse space. Okamura’s shelves are the perfect solution for your business.

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Professional Office Design Services

An office design project is an exciting, but heavily involved process. If you’re seeking to transform your working spaces but need expertise or resources to bring your vision to life, Siam Okamura is here to be your guiding hand. With our extensive experience in office design, we have successfully collaborated with a diverse clientele, which includes Mitsubishi Estate (Thailand), Toyota Material Handling Thailand, Panasonic Solutions (Thailand), and many more.

One-Stop Solution Provider

Siam Okamura is your one-stop solution to crafting a premium, high-quality office working space. Our services cover every step of the office design process, from the initial office layout planning and design consultations to furniture selection, construction, office relocation, and post-project maintenance. We are committed to providing you with the complete package, and ensuring that every aspect of your office space aligns with your business identity.

If You Want to Have Your Dream Office, Trust Siam Okamura to Take Care of It

Siam Okamura boasts a rich heritage of crafting office spaces with an emphasis on employee well-being and a simple, yet premium feeling. Our approach’s core lies in maximizing how office spaces are used and integrating areas seamlessly. Siam Okamura is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and aspirations and transforming them into the working space that you’ve always envisioned.

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Siam Okamura: From Concept to Completion

With a commitment to supporting our clients, Siam Okamura’s office design service supports your dream working space project from concept to completion. Our design experts carefully translate your vision into reality, ensuring that the final layout is according to your specifications. Additionally, we offer a curated selection of ergonomically designed furniture that complements your organization’s needs.


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