Height Adjustable Tables: A Premium User Experience at the Office

December 15, 2023

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Height Adjustable Tables: A Premium User Experience at the Office


A recent study conducted in a foreign country on workplace ergonomics showed that alternating between sitting and standing every hour during work can substantially reduce back pain and enhance overall health. With many office workers currently dealing with office syndrome and other health issues, height-adjustable tables have emerged as an invaluable tool for both productivity and well-being.

All You Need to Know About Height Adjustable-Tables

Height-adjustable tables are designed to allow users to adjust the height of the table based on their desired height. Electrically powered, height-adjustable tables are meant to support a variety of postures, such as sitting or standing, to help the body feel relaxed during work. It also helps to reduce pain and fatigue, which in turn helps you reduce office syndrome.

All You Need to Know About Height Adjustable-Tables - okamura

5 Benefits of Electric Adjustable Tables

Many office workers struggle with office syndrome, which is a condition caused by prolonged sitting in the same position. The human body isn’t meant to be sitting in the same position for a long time, which led to the development of height-adjustable electric tables. These tables were built with ergonomic principles in mind. The benefits of using a height-adjustable table include

1.Electric Height-Adjustable Tables Help With Pain Relief

Office syndrome is a prevalent issue among office workers, stemming from extended periods of sitting in the same position. This prolonged sitting causes chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Fortunately, an electric height-adjustable table can effectively combat these symptoms. By enabling users to adjust the desk’s height up and down, an electric height-adjustable table promotes regular posture changes, encouraging a healthy alternation between sitting and standing every hour.

Electric Height-Adjustable Tables Help With Pain Relief - okamura

2.Change Your Posture As Much As You Need To!

Using an electric height-adjustable table helps users position their chairs and computers at the correct ergonomic height. The standard height for a work table should be between 28 and 50 inches, depending on the height of the user.

3.Electric Height-Adjustable Tables Are a Health Investment

While electric height-adjustable tables may seem quite expensive at first glance, their long-term value far outweighs their initial price tag. By purchasing a height-adjustable table, you’re making a wise decision that will positively impact your health and well-being. These desks are meticulously designed to follow ergonomic principles and will help you stave off potential health issues in the long run.

4.Fits Your Home’s Aesthetics, Whatever Style it May Be

Electric height-adjustable tables are designed with a simple aesthetic, which makes them very easy to place in your home, regardless of the decor it uses. You may consider these standing desks as another form of home decor. Not only do they add depth to a home, but they also reflect their users’ lifestyles!

5.Height-Adjustable Tables: Not Just For Office Work!

Electric height-adjustable tables are not just for office workers. These desks can be used for many kinds of tasks. Whether you are an engineer, architect, writer, or designer, these height-adjustable tables are suited for just about any line of work and industry!

Introducing Risefit III, a High-Quality Electric Height-Adjustable Table From Siam Okamura

After delving into the benefits of electric adjustable desks, we wholeheartedly recommend Siam Okamura’s Risefit III, a versatile premium Manual Adjustable Desk adjustable desk. This height-adjustable table seamlessly adapts to any height, catering to both sitting and standing work preferences. Whether you’re setting up your home office or looking to upgrade your workstation, the Risefit III is an invaluable addition.

The Risefit III Manual Adjustable Desk stands out for its smooth height adjustment, which is facilitated by a hydraulic pressure switch. This mechanism allows for effortless height adjustments between 650 mm and 1,000 mm, ensuring optimal comfort and ergonomics. Additionally, this height-adjustable table’s sleek design seamlessly blends into any home or office setting, adding a touch of modern elegance to your workspace.

Introducing Risefit III, a High-Quality Electric Height-Adjustable Table From Siam Okamura - okamura

Embrace a Healthier and More Productive Work Life with Siam Okamura’s Premium Manual Height-Adjustable Tables

As Manual height-adjustable tables become more popular, their numerous health benefits have become increasingly apparent. If you’re seeking high-quality height-adjustable tables that focus on ergonomics and a premium user experience, Siam Okamura is ready to provide them! Our carefully curated selection of height-adjustable tables don’t just combat office syndrome, they also help you take your productivity to new heights!

Embrace a healthier and more fulfilling work life with Siam Okamura’s electric height-adjustable tables!

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