A unique shape offering an unprecedented level of comfort.

if design award best of neocon 2010 innovation award fira ergonomic excellence universal design award universal design consumer favorite 2011 good design jida design museum


Leopard’s luxurious stature and unique curvature would appear to be entirely designed for aesthetics. Ironically, it’s the innovative design that enhances comfort by emulating the human touch.

As you sit, Leopard embraces you as the seat incline smoothly levels for a seamless transition into the chair. For further comfort, the suspended mesh backrest cradles you in a recline up to 27°.


Smart Relaxation is the secret of its comfort.

The Leopard chair integrates the philosophy, technology and expertise that Okamura has been incorporating into office seating with OKI’s ‘Robot Leg’ technology that applies the supple movement of human muscles and joints, creating a seat with the most natural posture that has ever existed.



The raised seat position gently supports you as you sit down in the chair. As this is a minimal movement, the strain on thighs and lower back is greatly reduced.


As you lower your body the 25° incline and the backrest mesh gently supports you into the optimum seating position.


You can recline the seat by 27° and when you do the even distribution of your body weight ensures pressure on the upper and lower back is reduced.

Helps you up

When standing up the backrest and seat support you and help you to rise smoothly without any strain on the waist, thighs or knees.



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